What is written on your Continental Tires

A short explanation is given below of the elements which make up the complete tire designation & the significance of the individual numbers & letters.

What does 205/55 R 16 W actually mean?

205 - Tyre width in millimetres

55 - Height to width ratio as a percentage

R - Code for the tire design (R = Radial tire)

16 - Rim diameter in inches

W - Symbol for the approved maximum speed (V = up to 240 km/h [150 mph], W = up to 270 km/h [168 mph], ZR within the size designation = over 240 km/h [150 mph] )

Other designations:

rf - reinforced or

XL - Extra Load (designates specially reinforced tires)

M + S - For winter tires

How do you find out the right tire size for your vehicle?