Tire Diagnosis

Tire Wear on both edges

The problem may be

Your tires may give you clear signs of wear problems in time to have them corrected before they cause permanent damage to the tires. You can prevent wear problems that shorten tire life by thousands of miles by learning to "read" the early warning signs & taking appropriate corrective action.

Wear On Both Edges: If your tire looks like this, it may be underinflated. Not having enough air in a tire is singly the worst thing you can do to a tire. Underinflation reduces treadlife through increased tread wear on the outside edges (or shoulders) of the tire. It also generates excessive heat which reduces tire durability & can lead to tire failure. Finally, it reduces fuel economy through increased rolling resistance (soft tires makes your vehicle work harder). Check your tires regularly for proper inflation. Abnormal tire wear may also be caused by misalignment or mechanical problems.

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