Taking Care of Your RV Tire

Tire pressure is what enables your RV tire to support loads. Overloading your tires can have serious consequences for passengers & your RV. Too much weight can cause stress on your RV's suspension system, brake failure, shock absorber damage, handling & steering problems, irregular tire wear & possible tire failure. Excessive loads or under inflation can lead to an excessive amount of heat & tire failure. If you discover that your tires cannot handle the load, lighten the weight of the load or install tires with a higher carrying capacity. Remember to consult your owner's manual, a Goodyear retailer, or the RV manufacturer for information concerning selection & installation of new tires.

Tire pressure should never be reduced below the vehicle manufacturer's recommended levels to support load conditions in order to improve the ride quality of a vehicle. The difference in ride quality is not significant. When minimum inflation pressure requirements are not met, tire durability & optimum operation can be affected.