Sumitomo Tire Maintenance

  • Check tire pressure regularly (You will find the inflation pressures for the Original Equipment Tire size on the vehicle, usually on the door placard, a sticker often found on the driver's door frame, or back edge of the door. This will show the tire size that came originally on the vehicle & the air pressure to carry the load required of this vehicle.)
  • Rotate the tires every 5,000 miles (Tip: Make your first rotation before you reach the 5,000 mile mark. When the tread is at full depth the tire is most susceptible to irregular wear. Making the first rotation early will help negate any irregular wear that is in the process of developing. )
  • Check the tread wear often
  • Have the wheels alignment every two years or if you suspect the suspension has been damaged, also when a new set of tires is installed
  • Have the wheel balanced when the tires are new & again if you notice a "shimmy" in the steering wheel.