Tire Dimensions

We provide below some general information to help you read the tables:

Section width (in mm) of the unloaded tire referring to the first of the rims shown in the table.
If the tire is fitted on another of the rims shown in the list of permitted rims, the section width is obtained by decreasing (or increasing) the value shown in the table by 5 mm for every 0.5 variation in the width of the rim.

Overall diameter of the tire when inflated & unloaded.

Static loaded radius referring to a tire inflated & loaded at the values shown in the table under static conditions.

Rolling circumference. Distance covered in one complete revolution of the drive wheel under the load & pressure conditions indicated in the table.

NOTE: The values in the tables are approximate, & may vary in practice, including a possible growth in service.

They do not however exceed the following limits:

S OD Rstat Rc
2% 0.5% 1% 1%