Pirelli Technology in Revolution

"Intelligent" Tyre: the world of the car is changing

Pirelli has presented 'Technology in Revolution'. At the French Paul Ricard circuit it has been possible to get to know & test the latest generation of Run Flat tires, & the most recent & innovative technological systems developed by Pirelli in increasingly intelligent & interactive tires. The latter a requirement that is now a 'must' on a global scale for a car world that is paying ever greater attention to the tire.

In the case of Pirelli, always the absolute protagonist in the tire & Ultra High Performance (UHP) technological fields, this requirement must marry in with increasingly specialised & higher performing products, so as to satisfy to a growing extent its partnership with the manufacturers of cars that are ever more demanding, faster & technologically advanced. The more extreme the demands of the car, the more Pirelli is rewarded by the vehicle makers & the market. That is confirmed by Pirelli's results in recent years & by a record 2004 for the Pirelli brand. Confirmation that enthusiasm & excitement, which has always driven the Milan-based tire manufacturer continue to be valued in the car world.

Pirelli is proud of its traditions, but it has its focus firmly fixed on the future. A future that is already here today. So we present 'Technology in Revolution'. Not just an introduction of its vanguard new Run Flat cover, which is rapidly acquiring an increasing number & variety of homologations & sizes in its multi-product portfolio. A real shop window of technology & innovation, for the purpose of infusing its products with maximum safety & interactivity with the vehicle for the benefit of the end user.

And that is not all. National & international road regulations continue to concentrate greater attention on the active & passive safety of the car. That, obviously, obliges the manufacturers to equip their cars with monitoring & reporting systems that also involve the tires, but with devices & regulations that are often too broad & potentially insufficient - note the recent NHTSA norms soon to be applied in the U.S.A. - also because they are managed by systems of indirect detection.
Pirelli responds to these needs by keeping the tire at the centre of attention: confirming its faith in the Run Flat; investing in an increasingly close collaboration with the vehicle manufacturers; choosing to place its trust in the 'direct' control of inflation pressure for the product's optimisation. When that equilibrium changes, this will be the revolutionary reaction: the new device called X-Pressure™ AcousticBlue, which sends an alarm signal not only via the traditional system, but also to the user's cellular telephone; & the SWS™ system - now also available for SUVs - activates a system of automatic re-inflation in the case of both a puncture, ensuring a longer time - and, therefore, more space - to bring the situation back to a condition of safety, & a natural loss of air, guaranteeing optimum pressures for 9-12 months.