Pirelli Research & Development

The Research & Development activities for all the production Units of Business Unit Steelcord are centralized at Figline Valdarno,close to Florence as well as to the first steelcord factory (operative since 1963).
The R&D consists of more than 30 people of which 35% are graduated technicians.
Yearly R&D investment is around 4% of total Business Unit turnover as a prove of the strategic importance of such activities .
The development activities are focused on production processes with the aim of improving products quality & market competitiveness.
The research activities target is new products development,usually in joint work with Customers,to keep the pace with the market trends & /or anticipating them:
- new cord constructions for high performance tires
- basic studies upon adhesion,corrosion & fatigue performances
The R&D activities are internally supported trough a pilot production unit,scanning electron microscope,Auger spectroscopy(specifically made for steelcord samples),several fatigue testing machines;external facilities are also used nearby Research Centers & worldwide Universities.