Pirelli Cyber Wheel

The rim with an aerial

The innovative offer of Pirelli Tyre Systems has been enriched by the presentation of Cyber™ Wheel. It is the first instrumented rim, which, like Cyber™ Tyre, has also been developed as part of Pirelli's role of always offering greater added value to the car manufacturers & is, therefore, original equipment oriented.

Cyber™ Wheel makes it possible to use a rim as a sensor that registers physical sizes & communicates them to the car. In fact, passing from the deformation to which the wheel is subjected when the vehicle is moving, the system is also able to evaluate the so-called hub forces by using a special algorhythm of calculation, developed by Pirelli in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic. It therefore offers in real time information of the greatest importance to the dynamic control systems that maintain the stability of the vehicle, information which is vital to the forces that the car & the road exchange when the vehicle is running.

The operational layout of Cyber™ Wheel repeats in part what takes place with Cyber™ Tyre. Special sensors located in the rim & energised via radio frequency by electronics & an aerial in the wheel housing, measure the deformations, transform them into power & transmit them to the vehicle.

It is important to note how all the systems developed - or those that are under development by Pirelli - have been designed to be integrated with others & are personalised in line with the needs of the client, both on the replacement & original equipment markets.