Pirelli Cyber Tyre

The first tire 'memory'

The latest new development from Pirelli Tyre Systems is Cyber™ Tyre. As a result of this system, which provides the tire with an actual 'memory', the onboard computer of a car communicates a series of information relative to the operational condition of the cover to the user in real time.

Every identifying item of the tire, from its realisation to its operation in different conditions, including eventual total deflation in the case of the Run Flat, are registered & transmitted by a transponder installed under the tread. The transmission takes place via an aerial positioned inside the tire & another installed in the wheel housing of the car. Depending on which of the different versions is in use, Cyber™ Tyre has the effect of a real memory, monitoring all the activities of the cover thanks to a wide range of information:
  • Basic characteristics of the tire
  • Operating temperature & pressures
  • Eventual duration/distance when running deflated
  • Residual distance pre-assistance
  • Typology of the road's surface
  • Vertical load exerted on the tire
  • Dimensions of the footprint area

The last three categories of information, together with that describing the type of tire fitted, can become of great interest with a view to optimising the onboard electronic systems such as ESP, ABS, ASR & all the dynamic control systems of the vehicle.