Original Equipment Tire Fitments

Original Equipment Replacement Tire Fitments

All replacements listed are based on the Original Equipment (OE) tire overall inflated diameter within industry standards & are recommended with load carrying capacities & speed ratings that meet or exceed the needs of the listed vehicle for normal operation within the United States. For each make & model car, depending on the car's optional equipment, there may be several OE tire fitments. The information on this web site provides all available Dunlop OE tire replacements for each make & model.

SAFETY WARNING: Information provided is based on auto industry resources available at the time of publication or posting. Because OE specifications may change without notice, original rim & inflation information cannot be guaranteed. Dunlop urges you to check both the vehicle's tire information placard & the vehicle's Owner's Manual for verification.

This site supplies standard replacement tire sizes. These sizes match the size & performance of the car's OE tires. The listed tires will fit properly on the OE wheels without modification to the vehicle. The plus sizes show tires with the correct load capacity & tire outside diameter for the vehicle but may require different rims. A different tire application may interfere with wheel travel & steering.

SAFETY WARNING: To ensure proper tire/rim/vehicle fitment, front & rear, you should contact your Dunlop dealer for recommendation & replacement. Mounting tires on rims can be hazardous. Do not attempt to mount your own tires. Maintaining adequate clearance is important for safety. Your dealer must recommend proper tire size by inspecting clearance of vehicle fenders, wheel wells, suspension & brakes while the steering wheel is at full lock & the suspension is fully compressed.


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