New Continental Tires

Why choose new tires & not remoulded or used tires?

New tires offer more than just optical benefits! In addition to improved safety through the full tread depth, new tires are often quieter & give a more comfortable ride. New tires are checked very thoroughly by the manufacturer, ensuring optimum safety for you & your vehicle.

Used tires available from breakers' yards are also strongly advised against. There is virtually no way of knowing what the tires have been subjected to - whether the interior was damaged, for example, through harsh driving over kerbstones. That could lead to blow-outs.

Please note:

When new tires have been fitted, it is highly advisable to run them in by driving at a moderate speed for the first 200-300 kms (125-185 miles) in order to roughen the tread surface. Only then will the tires reach their full performance.