Michelin Tire Maintenance

Do my driving habits affect the life of my tires?
They certainly can. Here are some tips to increase the life of your tires:
Don't speed. Excessive heat is generated when driving at high speeds. This heat increases the rate of tire wear & reduces the tire's durability.
Avoid fast turns on curves & around corners, & avoid fast starts & panic stops.
Don't ride on the edge of the pavement or drive over curbs, potholes, or other obstructions.

How do I know how old my tires are?
Each tire has a required Department of Transportation number imprinted on at least one of its sidewalls. That number begins with the letters "DOT" & may contain up to 12 additional numbers & letters.

The first & last digits are the most important for the tire owner. The first 2 letters/numbers identify the manufacturer of the tires. Prior to the year 2000, the last 3 digits of a DOT number represented the week (2 digits) & the year (1 digit) of production.

For example, if the last three digits are 439, the tire was produced in the 43rd week of 1999. Tires produced after January 1, 2000 have a 4-digit date code at the end of the DOT number. The first 2 digits represent the week of production & the last 2 digits represent the last 2 digits of the year of production. So, 3500 as the last 4 numbers indicates that the tire was produced in the 35th week of the year 2000.

How do I take care of my new tires?
Properly maintained tires will give you a more comfortable ride & a longer tread life. Here are a few tips on proper maintenance:
Check the air pressure in your tires monthly.
Check your tires frequently for any cuts, snags, punctures, or any other injury that could cause the tire to come out of service prematurely.
Make sure the tires are balanced when they are mounted on the wheels.
Rotate your tires following the schedule in your vehicle owner's manual or as required by the tire manufacturer's warranty.
Have your alignment checked at the first sign of irregular treadwear.
Clean your tires with soap & water & a soft bristle brush or a shop cloth. For stronger cleaning & protection, Michelin recommends using its Wheel & Tire Care product line. The 3-Step Michelin Wheel & Tire Care Program features strong yet environmentally responsible formulas that clean, rejuvenate & protect wheels & tires of any brand. The products include Michelin® Wheel & Tire Cleaner, Michelin® 3-in-1 Tire Shine & Michelin® Brake Dust Repellent. The Michelin Wheel & Tire Care Program is available at leading retailers throughout North America. Click here for a retailer near you.

How many miles will I get on my tires?
There are many factors that affect the tread life of your tires, e.g. tread compounds, construction features, vehicle application, tire maintenance, geographic conditions, atmospheric conditions, driving habits, etc., making exact mileage impossible to predict. Take special care when braking, accelerating, cornering, etc. to increase the life of the tire.