Kumho Warranty Passenger Tires

This policy applies to the original consumer/owner or user of any new tire manufactured by KUMHO Tire Co., Ltd. & produced after 1997. Eligible tires must be used on the vehicle on which they were originally installed according the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation.

What is covered by the warranty & how long

The (1) new original usable tread has worn down to 2/32" remaining (i.e., worn down to the top of the built-in indicators in the tread grooves), (2) before 6 years from the date of manufacture for every passenger & light truck tire (whichever comes first), (3) before 5 years from the date of manufacture for truck tire (whichever comes first), any KUMHO tire covered by this warranty becomes unusable due to a material or workmanship condition, KUMHO will do either of the following:
  1. During the first 2/32" of the original usable tread, KUMHO will replace such tire with a comparable new KUMHO tire free of charge. Applicable taxes on the new tire & costs of mounting & balancing service are payable by the owner.
  2. After the first 2/32" of the original usable tread, a credit will be given toward the purchase of a comparable new KUMHO Tire in proportion of the original usable tread remaining on the returned tire to the original usable tread of the new tire. Applicable taxes & cost of mounting & balancing service are payable by the owner.
    The amount of such credit will be calculated by the following formula:

    C = O.T.R. x P
    C: Amount of credit
    O.T.R.: Original Usable Tread Remaining on Returned Tire
    O.T.: Original Usable Tread on New Tire
    P.: Purchase Price of New Tire in accordance with KUMHO Dealer’s
    Price List effective at the time of adjustment.
    • Remarks: Please refer to Adjustment Credit Percentage Table.


  3. Adjustment on out-of-balance or out-of-round tires is allowed only during the first 2/32" of the original tread.

What is not covered

  1. This limited warranty is applicable only in the United States, & any tires used or equipped on a vehicle registered or operated outside of the U.S. are not covered by this warranty.
  2. Tires branded or marked "Non-Adjustable(NA)" or "Blemished(Blem)" or DOT/Serial numbers previously cut will not be adjusted.
  3. Tire damage or irregular wear due to:
    1. Road hazards, including, puncture, cut, impact break, bulge, snag, stone drill, collision,
    2. Continued use while run flat or under acute under-inflation
    3. Improper use or operation, without limitation, improper inflation pressure, overloading, use of an improper rim, vehicle misalignment, tire/wheel assembly imbalance or other vehicle condition, worn suspension components, improper mounting or de-mounting, misuse, misapplication, fire or other externally generated heat, water or other material trapped inside the tire during mounting, tire alteration, racing, or competition purposes, improper inserting of sealant, balance or filler materials.
    4. Improper repair
  4. Any tire worn beyond the wear bars (less than 2/32" remaining tread)
  5. The cost of application taxes & mounting & balance service.
  6. Ozone or weather cracking on tires over four (4) years from the date of manufacture
  7. Ride disturbance claims submitted after the first 2/32" tread wear
  8. Loss of time or use, inconvenience, or any incidental or consequential damage.

Owner's Obligation

In order to be eligible for KUMHO's limited warranty service, the owner must:
  1. Present the tire to the KUMHO dealer from which the original purchase was made;
  2. Present proof of purchase to satisfaction of the dealer;
  3. Complete & sign a KUMHO warranty claim form, which is available at any authorized dealer;
  4. Pay the amounts due on a new tire, less the amount of credit, including taxes, mounting & balancing charges or cost of other services ordered.

Other Rights

This limited warranty gives the owner of KUMHO tires specific legal right, & you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
  1. If tread has worn out (excluding 2/32" remaining tread depth) before the warranty miles or within 4 years after original purchase, KUMHO will provide a comparable new tire, charging the customer for tread wear.
  2. The charge to the customer will be calculated by multiplying the dealer's current selling price by the percentage of the total mileage run on the replacement tire to the warranty miles.
For Passenger Radial Tires
793 45,000 miles
795 70,000 miles
716 50,000 miles
791 70,000 miles
732 50,000 miles
792 85,000 miles

Every KH792 & KH795 steel belted radial passenger tire that has been damaged due to normal road hazard condition & can not be repaired during the first 25% of the usable tread, will be replaced free of charge with an equivalent KUMHO tire.

  1. To make a claim, the claimant must present KUMHO's warranty card which records the date of purchase, name of purchaser, original mileage & identification of the vehicle to the authorized KUMHO dealer.
  2. The cost of mounting, balancing & other service charges or taxes shall be paid by the customer.
  3. The user must rotate the tires at least every 7,500 miles.
  1. Casing of KUMHO radial truck tires are warranted to remain serviceable up to the point of second retread.
  2. If an examination by KUMHO shows that a casing of a KUMHO radial truck tire delivers unsatisfactory service due to factors within the manufacturer's control, KUMHO will give a credit toward the purchase price of a comparable new KUMHO tire in the amount indicated below:

    Tire Size Casing Value
    7.50 R 16 $30.00
    8.25 R 15 $35.00
    255/70R22.5 $50.00
    9.00R20, 10R22.5 $60.00
    10.00R20, 11R22.5 $70.00
    295/75R22.5,295/80R22 $70.00
    11.00R20, 12.00R20 $80.00
    10.00R22, 11.00R22 $80.00
    12R22.5,315/80R22.5 $80.00
    12.00R24, 11R24.5 $80.00
    285/75R24.5 $80.00
    385/65R22.5,425/65R22.5 $80.00


  3. Radial truck tires used in mining service are not eligible under this program.
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