Kumho Tire FAQ

Where can I get KUMHO tires?
KUMHO does not sell tires directly to retail customers. You need to contact a retail KUMHO dealer.

How do I get prices of KUMHO Tires?
KUMHO does not sell tires directly to retail customers. Call 1-800- Hi-KUMHO & talk to a Customer Service Representative. You can also contact a retail KUMHO dealer to get pricing.

What should I inflate my new tires to?
Air pressure should be set in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specification if the tire size is the same as a size originally available for your vehicle. The vehicle manufacturer's recommendation can usually be found in the owner's manual & on the door jam or glove compartment. Contact the vehicle dealer for more specific information about your car. Vehicle placard inflation would be the minimum recommended inflation by KUMHO Tire.

I have to replace a tire, can I get any type or brand?
We, the tire industry, prefer you avoid the mixing of tire types on a passenger car. This means you should avoid two tires of Br& A's "123" size tires with two tires of Br& B's "456" size tires, or even two of Br& A's "789"size tires if reasonably possible. All four should be the same br& & size for best overall performance. Even mixing significantly worn tires with new tires of the same type is not encouraged. Mixing may reduce the handling potential of your vehicle. Either buy four tires of the same type, or at least get two of the same type that is already on the vehicle.

Can a certain tire size replace my existing Original Equipment size?
First check the load carrying capability. Your current tire will have a size stamped on the sidewall. It will look something like this: 215/55R16 93V. The "93" is referred to as your Load Index. Your replacement size must have a load index equal or greater than the O.E, or be compensated by using a higher inflation pressure tire; so load-carrying capability is not compromised. Next look at the overall diameter (O.D.) of both tires. The more you deviate from the O.D. of your O.E. tire, the more you effect things like speedometer accuracy, traction control, anti-lock brakes, gearing, acceleration, & cruising rpm. Try to keep your O.D. within 5-10mm of the O.E. tire. (i.e.: 215/55R16 can be replaced with 205/55R16 or 225/55R16.)

I want to downgrade to a lower speed rated tire than outlined in my vehicle's manual. It's safe to do this, isn't it?
As speed rating increases tire manufacturers tune the design of the tire to match the increased potential of the vehicle, & the vehicle chassis & suspension are also tuned with this in mind. A tire with reduced speed rating may be less than optimum for the vehicle tuning, & potentially reduce the handling potential of your vehicle. Usually this is not an issue, but we recommend you consider if downgrading tire fitments.

I have just raised/lifted/lowered/dropped/slammed my vehicle & want to know if this tire will fit?
It is best to work with an experienced alignment shop, four-wheel shop, chassis shop, tire dealer or local enthusiast club who has experience with these types of conversions. There are too many variables for us to give you an accurate answer.

What's the difference between the ECSTA Supra 712 & the ECSTA MX tires?
The MX tire is tuned more toward maximum dry handling than the 712. While the ride & noise are more than adequate for street use, its focus is maximum at-the-limit handling. For the serious enthusiast looking for a street tire with racetrack capability, the MX is it. The 712 is intended to be an all-round ultra high performance tire. It delivers ultra performance handling & still has comfort & noise levels suitable for performance drivers. Its wear is as good or better than other ultra-high performance tires. Our 712 customers have been uniquely satisfied with the balance of performance delivered by the 712.

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Max Performance Summer


Kumho Ecsta MX XRP

Ultra High Performance Summer

Kumho Ecsta KU19


Kumho Ecsta SPT XRP

Kumho ECSTA Supra 712

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Kumho ECSTA 711

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Kumho Ecsta AST

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Kumho Solus KH14

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Kumho ECSTA KH11

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Kumho Ecsta DX Aroma

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Kumho 722

Kumho Power Star 758


Kumho Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke

Kumho ECSTA R700

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Kumho VictoRacer V700


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Kumho Road Venture ST

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Kumho 798

Kumho Road Venture APT KL51

Kumho Venture HT

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Kumho Venture AT 825

Kumho Road Venture AT KL-78

Kumho Road Venture AT KL-41

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Kumho Road Venture MT 834

Kumho Road Venture MT KL71

Kumho Venture MT

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Kumho Radial 857