How to Choose your Tire

This section illustrates how to find the most suitable tire.

Choosing the right product/pattern depends on your car, on your driving style & weather conditions.
To guide you in the most suitable tire choice, please select

Passenger Car Tyres - Ultra High Performance If you own a PRESTIGIOUS SPORTS CAR or a NEW GENERATION SALOON, STATION WAGON or ESTATE CAR.

Passenger Car Tyres - High Performance If you drive a SALOON/LUXURY CAR with no trade-off in performance.

Passenger Car Tyres - Balanced Performance If you place greater emphasison achieving the optimum balance between COMFORT, MILEAGE, ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES & LOW ROLLING RESISTANCE.

Passenger Car Tyres - All Seasons If you are a NORTH AMERICAN DRIVER

Passenger Car Tyre - Winter if you drive in COLD WEATHER, SNOWY OR ICY ROAD SURFACES

Light Truck - Sport Utility Vehicles If you own an OFF-ROAD VEHICLE

Note: depending on your Country law, always comply with rules & regulations. If in doubt, check your vehicle manual for homologated tires, or ask local police station for allowed tire conversions and/or soft tuning. Please refer to this internet procedure for Pirelli Fitment guidance. Always check your vehicle's log book and/or seek for competent advice by visiting a Pirelli dealer.

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