Goodyear Tire Safety

Every driver wants peak performance from their tires. At Goodyear, we have dedicated ourselves to providing you with just that - possible tires that enhance your driving experience. Here are some of the ways Goodyear is working to provide high quality tires, along with some of the common problems drivers can look for.

The Complete Tire Safety Guide   
We at Goodyear are keenly aware of how important tires are to the safety of any driver. That is whay we have assembled this guide to assist in the proper care & maintenance of your tires, so that you can enjoy maximum performance & driving security. Click on the Tire Safety Guide image on the right.

WARNING: Before you replace your tires, always consult the vehicle owner’s manual & follow the vehicle manufacturer’s replacement tire recommendations. Vehicle handling may be significantly affected by a change in tire size or type. When selecting tires that are different from the original equipment size, see a professional installer in order to make certain that proper clearance, load carrying capacity & inflation pressure is selected. Never exceed the maximum load capacity & inflation pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire. Always drive safely & obey all traffic laws. Avoid sudden, sharp turns or lane changes. Failure to follow this warning may result in loss of control of the vehicle, leading to an accident & serious injury or death.