Continental Tires Tread depth

The experts at Continental have discovered that when braking with locked wheels on wet roads a tread depth of 8mm almost halves the braking distance compared with the legally required minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.


Take your summer tires out of service when the tread depth is down to 3mm & do the same with winter tires from 4mm (at least for winter use).

In addition to the increased braking distance, a reduced tread depth also means a substantially increased risk of aquaplaning.

If you fail to observe the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, you risk legal consequences & in the case of an accident, you may even forfeit your insurance cover. The 1.6mm tread depth is reached once the tread is worn down to the indicators.


Check the tread depth on your tires every four weeks!

You can also check your tread depth using a tread depth gauge which is available from any reputable garage or specialist dealer.

Our recommendation: 8mm

Minimum: 3mm

Winter tires: min. 4mm