Bridgestone Product Overview

The Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology (UNI-T®) introduced by Bridgestone Firestone in 1996 & known in Japan as DONUTS, represents a breakthrough in technologies, & has been used in the Bridgestone, Firestone, Dayton & associate br& products. UNI-T is a combination of technologies in materials, design & construction that works together to create very advanced tires. The technologies include an optimized tire contour, a new bead for more accurate mounting on the wheel, & improved tread compounds.

In May 1998, Bridgestone Firestone announced the second generation of UNI-T technology, UNI-T AQ™, which stands for “Advanced Quality.” Tires with UNI-T AQ feature a dual layer tread & extended performance compound, providing drivers with more consistent performance as the tires age & wear. The company expanded the UNI-T AQ technology into several high volume tire lines in 1999. The proof is in the performance -- according to the company’s testing, a Turanza H Revo with UNI-T AQ with 50 percent tread remaining stopped an average of 14.1 feet shorter on a wet surface at 50 mph than a conventional Bridgestone br& touring tire with equal wear.

BFNT continues to perfect & improve its tire technology with UNI-T AQII™, the “next generation” of UNI-T AQ technology, which is incorporated into several new product lines. UNI-T AQII incorporates a variety of improvements to the earlier UNI-T & UNI-T AQ technologies giving drivers stronger wet & dry performance, when the tire is new & throughout the life of the tire.