Avon Tire Rotation

Proper tire rotation is important.

If you notice irregular or uneven tread wear, the tires should be rotated to alleviate the problem. Remember: it is important to check your tires & wheels for signs of possible damage (as previously discussed), & check your vehicle for any mechanical problems & correct if necessary. You should follow the rotation pattern or procedure indicated in your limited warranty & the vehicle owners manual. We recommend you rotate tires on front wheel drive vehicles and/or all season tires on any vehicle every 8,000 miles to equalize the rate of wear; however, rotate your tires earlier if signs of irregular or uneven tire wear arise, & have the vehicle checked by a qualified technician to determine the cause of the wear condition. The first rotation is the most important.

Sometimes front & rear tires on a vehicle use different inflation pressures. After rotation, adjust individual tire air pressure to the figures recommended by the vehicle manufacturer for the new locations - front or rear - as shown on the tire placard on the vehicle.