Avon Tire Construction

Replacement tires should always have the same construction.

Tire mixing can be dangerous. Most passenger tires today are radial tires. For best performance, we recommend the same size & type of tire be used on all four wheel positions unless the vehicle manufacturer specified different sizes, front & rear, as original equipment. Check the vehicle placard.

On front or rear wheel drive vehicles, if different size tires are used on different axles, always place the lower series tires on the rear axle.

If only two radials are mounted with two non-radials, the radials should be mounted on the rear. If tires of different types are mixed on a vehicle in any configuration, they should not be used for long periods & speeds should be kept to a minimum.

Mixing or matching of tires on 4-wheel drive vehicles requires special precautions. Always check vehicle manufacturers' manual for their recommendations.