Avon Tips For Snow Tires

If you live in an area with harsh winters, you might need to use snow tires. If so, the Rubber Manufacturers Association says:
  • Snow tires should be applied in pairs to the drive axle (either front or rear) & ideally to all four positions on the vehicle. Because of the higher traction qualities of snow tires in winter weather conditions, installing only two snow tires on the front of a vehicle (especially front-wheel drive vehicles) without two snow tires on the rear can cause unsafe handling characteristics.
  • Use snow tires that are the same size & type as other tires on your vehicle. Again, check your owner’s manual for specific information.
The information & recommendations contained in this publication represent the best judgments of sources known by the National Safety Council to be knowledgeable & reliable. But the Council makes no guarantee as to the completeness or adequacy of this information as the sole basis for making specific individual determinations on tire safety. Other or additional safety information & measures should be considered in particular circumstances.