Avon Studded Snow Tires

Driving on studded snow tires. If studded tires are installed on the front of any vehicle, they must also be installed on the rear.

The beginning of movement & acceleration of any vehicle in snow, ice & other adverse cold weather conditions is highly dependent on the traction qualities of the tires on the driving axle. The controlled handling & braking of a vehicle after it is in motion in adverse weather conditions, however, is highly dependent on the traction of the rear tires. Consequently, the rear tires of any vehicle must have equal or higher traction capabilities than the front tires for safe vehicle operation.

Because of the higher traction qualities of studded snow tires under most winter weather conditions, installation of only two studded snow tires on the front of any vehicle (especially front wheel drive vehicles) without two studded snow tires on the rear can cause adverse (unsafe) handling characteristics. Consult tire manufacturer for correct stud size. If you sell and/or install studded snow tires on vehicles you must follow the procedures listed below:


  • Only new tires should be fitted with studs. Never insert studs in a used tire (even if only slightly used).
  • Without studded snow tires on the rear, which have the same traction qualities as the studded front tires, adverse (unsafe) handling & braking characteristics are introduced into the vehicle. This may result in loss of vehicle control, which could cause serious injury or death.
  • If studded snow tires are installed on only the rear of any vehicle, it is recommended (but not required) that they be installed on the front. Only if studded tires are installed on all wheel positions of a vehicle will optimum handling characteristics be achieved.