About Sumitomo Tires

Sumitomo has always been the exception to the rule. Our uncommon attributes not only separate us from other brands, they give our dealers unrivaled advantages.

On one hand, Sumitomo is a major worldwide brand, respected on every continent for technological excellence. On the other, we are positioned as a dealer-oriented profit-builder, a first-tier br& at second-tier pricing. Because Sumitomo Tire is not a manufacturer, we do not have a volume perspective. We are not involved in disruptive channels, OE, & mass merchants that drain inventory & drain our dealers' abilities to compete. Yet, our products come from one of the world's acknowledged quality-focused manufacturers.

Because we look at the long-term, we develop relationships that are mutually beneficial & responsible. At the same time, our distribution has grown by leaps & bounds over the last two years. That growth has come because we operate on the same philosophy as you, & place prime importance on taking care of our dealers first.

A simple, common sense approach to business keeps our dealers competitive. We offer controlled & consistent programs & pricing across the board, for every dealer in every territory. Sumitomo Tire presents a distribution plan that both protects the integrity of your business & optimizes our brand-building opportunities. In that way, you face less same-br& competition & can profitably grow your business.

Sumitomo is one of the world's largest & oldest tire companies. You can count on every tire to deliver the utmost quality, outstanding on-road performance, & highly profitable showroom appeal. We deliver the highest fill rates possible with our unique container program made to order with the products you want.


  • Unlike most major & private brands, Sumitomo Tire gives you tremendous backing. Our highly qualified staff consists of: Four experienced regional sales managers who will work hand-in-h& with you every step of the way



  • Two regional truck tire experts are there to answer technical questions, solve problems, & even go on fleet sales calls with you



  • A dedicated high performance product manager keeps you up-to-date on today's products & applications



  • A friendly customer service staff is just a phone call away