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Uniroyal Tiger Paw AWP
The Uniroyal tiger is one of America's most recognizable corporate icons, & with its paws gripping the road, has been Uniroyal's mascot since appearing in advertising in the mid 1960's. The Tiger Paw name for Uniroyal tires was selected to convey their ability to provide traction, agility & safety. Used extensively as original equipment (OE) on America's cars, vans & trucks for years, Uniroyal tires are a popular, affordable choice for replacement tires as well.


The Tiger Paw AWP (All Weather Performance) is Uniroyal's premium quality All-Season radial that offers long mileage when used on cars, vans & light trucks. It offers an advanced five rib tread design with a continuous center rib & shoulder design developed to enhance ride & noise qualities while the tire's intermediate ribs feature independent blocks to increase traction in almost every weather condition including light snow & slush. Under the tread pattern is Uniroyal's DuraShield construction (twin steel belts, high strength carcass & a heavy gauge innerliner) to provide enhanced tread life, durability, & air retention. The Tiger Paw AWP is Uniroyal's most popular original equipment (OE) radial.

Tiger Paw AWP tires are typically S-speed rated & available in popular 80-, 75-, 70-, 65-, & 60 series sizes in 13, 14, 15 & 16" rim diameter sizes.

Note: Original equipment P215/70R15 & P225/60R16 sized Tiger Paw AWP tires are also available in a Royal Seal version which seals most tread punctures instantly & permanently.

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