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Sumitomo HTR Z II
The Sumitomo HTRZ II is an Ultra High Performance Summer radial designed to blend appearance, performance & comfort. This combination makes the HTRZ II appropriate for many of today's sporty cars because it provides a unique look with a size lineup of 17" & 18" rim diameter "Plus Two" & "Plus Three" fitments.

On the outside the HTRZ II's tread pattern features extra wide, arched tread blocks to enhance dry road traction & handling. The blocks vary in size & shape to help minimize noise levels & are separated by Multi Direction Water Channels to help increase wet traction & resist hydroplaning. On the inside the HTRZ II features two steel belts with spirally-wrapped Jointless Nylon B& reinforcement for high-speed durability & predictable handling while minimizing weight & improving ride uniformity. The lower sidewall features Single Str& Beads for improved wheel fit & Wheel Flange Guards to help protect alloy wheels from curb damage.

Sumitomo HTRZ II tires feature subtle blackball styling & are available in 50-, 45-, 40- & 35-series; Z-speed rated sizes for 16" through 20" wheel diameters.


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