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Sumitomo HTR Sport A/T

The Sumitomo (Su mi to' mo) HTR Sport A/T is an Off-Road All-Terrain radial that was developed to meet the year round driving needs of light truck drivers by blending on-road performance, off-road capability & year round traction, even in light snow.

The HTR Sport A/T radialís silica-enhanced, all-season tread compound is molded into a tread pattern that features a center rib for stability, large shoulder blocks for responsive handling, & wide, wedge-shaped lateral grooves to enhance wet traction & reduce the risk of hydroplaning. The HTR Sport A/T radialís tread block siping & shoulder block slots add biting edges to help increase off-road & light snow traction. Internally, the HTR Sport A/T radialís twin steel belts are reinforced by JointLess B& (JLB) technology which uses spirally-wound, nylon cord reinforcement to provide long term durability while it reduces weight & helps provide a more uniform ride quality.

Sumitomo HTR Sport A/T radials feature raised black letter or outline white letter styling depending on size. HTR Sport A/T radials are available in popular flotation & LT-metric sizes (85- & 75-series), as well as, S- & H-speed rated 70-, 65- & 60-series P-metric sizes for 15" to 18" wheel diameters.


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