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Pirelli Scorpion Zero
Derived from Pirelli's legendary P Zero performance tires, the Scorpion Zero is a Street/Sport Truck All-Season tire for sport utility vehicles & pickup trucks. The Scorpion Zero was designed to provide year round traction & handling for drivers who operate their light truck vehicles primarily on-road in various weather conditions, including occasional light snow.


Depending on tire size, the Scorpion Zero radial's tread compound is molded into a single Z or double Z (two rows of Z-shaped tread blocks situated side-by-side) intermediate tread blocks to provide responsive steering, along with enhanced cornering & braking capability. Lateral grooves & wide circumferential grooves provide water evacuation to resist hydroplaning & enhance wet weather traction. Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires combine high-speed precision with low noise levels.

Pirelli Scorpion Zero Street Sport Truck All-Season tires feature a black letter sidewall styling (with some sizes accented by a yellow scorpion icon). They are H- or V-speed rated & are available in 65-, 60-, 55-, 50-, 45-, & 40-series Euro-metric & P-metric sizes to fit 15" through 20" diameter wheels.

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