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Pirelli PZero system

The PZero system is a revolutionary new concept that combines two different tires from a single design concept, for use in tandem or separately, according to the type of car, conditions of use & driving style. This new System heightens performance; in the dry & especially in the wet. Currently used on some of the fastest cars in the world, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, & the Porsche 911 Turbo.

PZero Asimmetrico (Asymmetrical)-This tire represents the most complete & advanced answer to power control & transmission of torque to the road surface, with specialized features for the maximum in high cornering forces.

PZero Direzionale (Directional)-A front position tire that solves the problem of wet surface roadholding & aquaplaning for high performance cars fitted with wide section width front tires.

Configuration Options:

Directional Front-Asymmetrical Rear
For high speed use in variable conditions of wet & dry. This configuration is particulatly suited to mid- or rear-engine cars, front engined or rear drive axle cars with up-rated wide section wheels & tires.

Asymmetric Front & Rear
For high speed road and/or track use, where the requirement for dry surface performance may outweigh the dem& for maximum resistance to hydroplaning in normal use. This configuration is well suited to cars with medium to narrow section front tires & is a must for front wheel drive cars & four wheel drive cars.


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