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Pirelli P7

While the P7 name is very familiar to many sports car drivers, Pirelli's new P7 Ultra High Performance "summer" tire is entirely different from the legendary tires that carried the name previously. Pirelli's new P7 was developed for the drivers of high performance and luxury performance sedans, and is designed to combine the ability to control horsepower with elegance and driving comfort.

The new P7 features an asymmetrical tread design that combines stiff shoulder tread blocks and a continuous solid rib on the outer portion of its pattern to resist lateral forces while the inner ribs combine circumferential and curved transverse grooves for rapid water expulsion from the contact patch to enhance wet traction and reduce the possibility of hydroplaning. The tire features a wide footprint with a uniform distribution of load pressures to promote even tire wear and reduce rolling resistance.

Pirelli's innovative STEP project (Safety from Technically Engineered Profile) has developed the new P7 profile to achieve a reduced deformation in the critical areas for greater reliability and structural integrity. Pirelli's patented ELRR (Extra Low Rolling Resistance) system results in the belting and carcass materials being designed and constructed to improve flexibility and increase rolling smoothness, while overall weight is reduced and integrity is optimized.


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