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Pirelli P400 Touring

The P400 Touring is the All-Season tire for anyone uncomfortable with compromise. All-Season radials are many things to many people. But "comfortable" isn't usually high on the list. In fact, from and engineering standpoint, ordinary All-Season tires are typically a compromise-often achieving their versatility and mileage goals at the expense of a quieter, more comfortable ride. Enter the P400 Touring, the affordable All-Season design that eliminates these traditional trade-offs. With the P400 Touring, excellent wet/dry performance, superb steering response and a long-wearing tread are enhanced by a ride that's quieter and more comfortable.

To maximize its performance in wet weather and help minimize hydroplaning, Pirelli engineers endowed the P400 Touring tread with three full depth grooves to efficiently siphon away any water in its path. A special all synthetic tread compound was also used to ensure predictable All-Season traction, a long treadlife and improved ride comfort. Aside from its impressive versatility, outstanding performance and uncompromising comfort, the P400 Touring is first and foremost a Pirelli. And that means exceptional value is also an integral part of the picture. A picture that's complimented by two generous treadwear warranties. All 75/70 series sizes are covered by a 70,000 mile warranty, and the 65/60 series sizes carry a 60,000 mile warranty.

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