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Michelin Pilot Sport
The Pilot Sport is Michelin's new flagship Max Performance tire, a position it achieves through new technology. The Michelin Pilot Sport is designed to be different than the Pilot SX MXX3 in that it also extends the capabilities of exotic & ultra high performance cars & their drivers in the wet, while providing progressive handling, exceptional feedback & refined road manners.


For several years, the Michelin Pilot SX MXX3 has been one of our favorite Max Performance tires for use on dry roads. For that matter, sometimes the Pilot SX MXX3 have been referred to as tires which were capable of providing the performance of racing slicks that had rain grooves cut into them. And while Pilot SX MXX3 tires consistently lived up to their reputation by running many of the fastest lap times of our dry test course, their dry road excellence wasn't balanced with the ride comfort & wet traction.

One of the most obvious features of the Pilot Sport is its directional tread design, or should we say, tread designs. All Pilot Sport tires feature a continuous circumferential center rib flanked by one of two directional tread patterns. Tires in sizes of up to 265 millimeters of section width feature a "V" shaped pattern, while tires of 275 millimeters of section width & wider feature a "W" shaped tread pattern. The continuous center rib sharpens steering response & provides communicative road feel while the swept back lateral grooves efficiently evacuate water from under the contact patch to resist hydroplaning & enhance wet traction, while reducing tire noise on dry roads.

The Pilot Sport's tread designs are supported by two belts made of high-tensile, lightweight steel cords which are further reinforced by size optimized, spirally wrapped nylon cord utilizing BAZ (Banded At Zero) Technology to improve quick steering response & resist distortion while they enhance ride quality & high speed durability. Ultra-reinforced sidewalls promote powerful cornering, while Michelin's cable beads help maintain the ideal shape of a running tire for better tire/wheel uniformity.

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