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Michelin Pilot Primacy
The Michelin Pilot Primacy is a Gr& Touring “summer” tire that was developed to meet the needs of sporty luxury coupe & sedan drivers who want comfort & tread life along with performance. Used as original equipment, the Pilot Primacy also focuses on enhancing wet weather traction & hydroplaning resistance.


On the outside, the Pilot Primacy molds a silica-based tread compound into an asymmetric tread design that features stable independent outer shoulder tread blocks (to blend dry road handling with wet cornering traction), a continuous center rib (which reduces noise while providing constant road contact to enhance straight line stability), & a high angle grooved inner tread design (to further enhance wet grip & resist hydroplaning). Internally, the Pilot Primacy features twin high tensile steel belts that are supported by Michelin’s Banded At Zero (BAZ) technology (spiral-wrapped reinforcement) to stabilize the tread area to enhance handling & high-speed capability.

Michelin Pilot Primacy tires feature black sidewall styling with subtle black letters reversed out of a circumferential serrated band. They are V- or W-speed rated depending upon their application & available in 65-, 60-, 55-, 50- & 45-series sizes for 15" to 17" wheel diameters.

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