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Michelin Pilot LTX
The Pilot LTX was developed to combine some of the on-road traction & responsive handling of Michelin Pilot performance tires with the durability, dependability & load carrying capability of Michelin LTX light truck radials.


On the outside the Pilot LTX's tread pattern features a broad, flat footprint with a tread design that has wide notched shoulder ribs & bridged interior ribs for precise handling & progressive cornering. Its wide circumferential grooves help resist hydroplaning by channeling water from the contact patch, & its silica enhanced tread compound helps provide more traction in wet road conditions. The Pilot LTX features a smooth sidewall with serrated black letter styling.

On the inside, the Pilot LTX features BAZ (circumferential nylon reinforcement Banded At Zero) technology above its two steel belts to provide high speed durability, minimum weight & maximum ride uniformity. A heavy duty light truck cord carcass & bead tension structure provides lateral sidewall rigidity for responsive steering while retaining vertical flex for ride comfort.

The Pilot LTX combines on-road performance & comfort with the low profile performance sizes used on light trucks which makes them the sophisticated members of the Street/Sport Truck Category.

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