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Michelin HydroEdge
The HydroEdge radial is Michelin's premium Passenger All-Season tire designed to meet the needs of the drivers of family coupes, sedans & minivans. It was developed to be a very versatile tire by combining long wear with hydroplaning resistance & year-round traction, even in light snow.

On the outside, the HydroEdge radial features a silica-enhanced tread compound molded into a directional tread design to blend dry & wet road traction with long wear. Dual circumferential center grooves & angled HydroChutes combine to pump water from under the tire's footprint to increase hydroplaning resistance. On the inside, the HydroEdge radial's polyester cord body & twin steel belts help deliver a smooth ride along with strength & durability.

HydroEdge radials feature Michelin's Durablack rubber technology so the sidewall stays a sharp black color longer. HydroEdge radials feature subtle smooth letters reversed out of a stylized serrated sidewall band, are T-speed rated & available in 70-, 65-, 60-, & 55-series sizes for 14" through 17" wheel diameters.


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