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Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus

Every tire engineer will confirm that it's relatively easy to develop a tire designed to excel in any single area, yet it is almost impossible to build a tire which improves all areas at once. With the new Energy MXV4 Plus, Michelin engineers have improved upon their previous MXV4 & Energy MXV4 tires' performance in a dozen traction, handling & comfort perimeters without the traditional tradeoffs.

The Energy MXV4 Plus incorporates an advanced version of Michelin's Radial XSE Technology (which consists of a "Smart Tread Compound, Optimized Casing Shape & Optimized Mass Distribution), the Energy MXV4 Plus now offers more performance than the original Energy MXV4 in every category.

On the outside, the Energy MXV4 Plus features a new 7-rib tread design (Energy MXV4 tires typically had 4) which provides more grooves to enhance foul weather traction. It also incorporates offset shoulder & diagonal intermediate blocks that are designed to "flow" through the contact patch for a quiet ride. On the inside, the Energy MXV4 Plus features a rounded casing shape to provide predictable handling, & has been optimized to equalize the tire's footprint pressure to extend its tread life. BAZ Technology (spiral wrapped nylon Banded At Zero degrees) reinforces the Energy MXV4 Plus' twin steel belts to provide high-speed durability while it helps maintain ride comfort. Depending on their size & anticipated application, Energy MXV4 Plus tires are H-, or V-speed rated. A runflat version of this tire is called the Energy MXV4 Plus ZP, & is used as an original equipment option on the Lincoln Continental.


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