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Kumho Power Star 758

The Power Star 758 is KUMHO's passenger tire developed for the drivers of current and classic small and sporty cars. The Power Star 758 uses KUMHO's latest technology to provide blended performance in wet and dry conditions.

NOTE: While Power Star 758 tires meet industry all-season design standards and some tires may be even be branded "M+S," our experience is that Power Star 758 tires do not provide sufficient winter traction to warrant purchasing them to drive in snow and on ice.

The Power Star 758 features a good-wearing tread compound molded into a symmetric design that features independent shoulder block ribs to enhance water evacuation and hydroplaning resistance, as well as combines interlocked intermediate ribs with a continuous center rib to blend dry road handling with low noise and good ride comfort. Internally, Power Star 758 tires feature a polyester cord body and twin steel belts to help deliver even wear, ride comfort and predictable handling.

NOTE: The 145/80R10 69T sized tires for the original Austin 7, Mini 850 and Mini Cooper S are branded with just "758" identification.


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