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Kumho Ecsta W710

Ecsta W710 radials are Track & Competition D.O.T. tires developed for drivers participating in autocross and road racing events in moderate to heavy rain and want Kumho's highest level of performance for wet conditions. Compared to Kumho's VictoRacer and Ecsta V700 tires, Ecsta W710 radials are designed to provide increased hydroplaning resistance and wet traction. While all Ecsta W710 tires meet minimum D.O.T. standards, they are not suitable for highway use.

The Ecsta W710 features an extreme wet tread compound molded into a directional tread design developed during years of Formula 3, Super GT and ALMS racing experience for outstanding wet acceleration, braking and cornering performance. The Ecsta W710 features an advanced mold shape design that optimizes footprint contact area and pressure distribution for superior traction, while special sidewall construction enhances driver feel and control.

The Ecsta W710 tires have a symmetric internal construction and directional tread design that allow them to be mounted for use on either side of the car. They feature two steel belts reinforced by a spirally wound nylon under the tread on top of a three-ply nylon polyester radial carcass.

The tire's optimum operating temperature is 195 degrees Fahrenheit.


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