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Kumho Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke

Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke tires are Kumho''s attention-getting Track & Competition DOT tires developed for drivers who participate in organized drifting and drag racing style burnout events. Kumho debuted colored smoke tires in May of 2005, and today''s Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke tires will continue to be crowd pleasers by producing colored smoke when they are spinning and sliding.

Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke tires feature a unique dye mixed throughout their tread compound to produce the colored smoke. This special tread compound is molded into Kumho Tire''s popular Ecsta SPT''s directional tread design that features large, independent shoulder blocks, four straight circumferential grooves and three solid center ribs to combine predictable handling and stability. On the inside, Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke tires feature twin steel belts reinforced by a spiral-wrapped, jointless nylon cap ply on top of rayon carcass plies to enhance durability.

The colored smoke tires feature unique sidewall branding confirming their purpose, and their tread appearance reflects the color of the smoke that will be produced. While red colored smoke tires are available in selected 15-, 16-, 17 and 18-inch rim diameter sizes, the 255/40R17 size is also available in yellow or blue.

Available Colors
Tire Size Red Yellow Blue
205/50R15 X
225/50R16 X
215/40R17 X
255/40R17 X X X
235/40R18 X

Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke tires are for competition use only not intended for public road use. Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke tires will leave a sticky residue on the vehicle''s underbody, suspension, wheelwells and the fenders during extended burnouts.

The accompanying pictures show a tire as it will appear when first received. However the color will wear off where the tread blocks come into contact with the road when the tire is driven and may wash out of the tread grooves and off the shoulders when driven in the rain.

Because the special dye of the colored smoke tires will seep out of the tread compound over time, extended storage is not recommended. Unfortunately this technology is so new that its exact shelf life and lifespan have yet to be determined.

Look to Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke tires for a unique drifting and burnout performance.


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