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Kumho ECSTA V700

The ECSTA V700 is the newest competition tire member of the Kumho high performance tire family. It's a DOT-legal competition radial that was developed in Europe & is now available in the United States for drivers who participate in autocross & track events. Like its companion (the Kumho V700 VictoRacer), the ECSTA V700 is attractively priced & designed to be a great racing value by delivering the best traction & treadlife per dollar.

The ECSTA V700 molds Kumho's specially formulated, high grip Silica competition tread compound into a directional design that features wide tread ribs in the shoulders & intermediate tread blocks to maximize dry cornering grip while enhancing handling & tread life. The ECSTA V700's directional tread design also helps provide wet traction when run at full tread depth. However, if there is a lot of standing water on the track, caution is advised and/or the use of deeper treaded tires is recommended. The ECSTA V700 is molded with 6/32" of tread depth in its two major circumferential grooves.

The ECSTA V700 has two steel belts reinforced by two nylon cap plies to help stabilize the tread area & provide high speed capability. Additionally, a symmetric internal construction featuring three plies in the sidewall enhances quick steering response & high speed stability. As the tire's outer shoulder tread wears from hard cornering, the ECSTA V700's directional tread design & symmetric internal construction allows worn tires to be remounted "inside-out" on their wheels to prolong their life.

Important Notice: Kumho ECSTA V700 tires must be shaved to 3/32" - 4/32" tread depth for any autocross or track use in the dry.

Kumho advises that the ECSTA V700 DOT-legal competition radial must be shaved prior to use in dry conditions. If this tire is not shaved, excessive wear may occur causing the tire to wear to the cords prematurely in a localized area.

Tire heat cycling will not prevent the excessive localized wear of full tread depth tires but will continue to enhance tire consistency & wear on shaved tires.

The ECSTA V700 should only be used at full tread depth (6/32") for wet track & wet autocross use.


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