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Kumho's family of ECSTA (x' ta) performance tires is designed to enhance every vehicle's capabilities. The ECSTA STX is a Street/Sport Truck All-Season radial that was jointly developed by Kumho's American, European & Korean technical centers to meet the global needs of drivers of sporty pickups & sport utility vehicles. The Kumho ECSTA STX blends an eye-appealing appearance with year-round performance & traction, even in light snow.


On the outside, the ECSTA STX features an aggressive, directional tread design with large, stable tread blocks for quick response & sporty handling. It also features high angle, lateral grooves that help channel water toward the sides of the tire to resist hydroplaning. Internally, the ECSTA STX features twin, high tensile steel belts reinforced with two nylon cap plies to stabilize the tread area thus enhancing handling & high-speed capability. Two polyester body plies & nylon bead reinforcements in the tire's sidewalls blend ride quality with steering response.

Kumho ECSTA STX tires feature a stylized black sidewall styling. They are H- or V-speed rated & available in 70-, 65-, 60-, 55-, 50-, 45- & 40-series sizes for 15" to 26" wheel diameters.

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