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Kumho ECSTA R700

The ECSTA (x' ta) R700 is the performance rally competition member of the Kumho ECSTA high performance tire family. It is a DOT legal tire that has already been proven in Europe & Asia, & will be available in the United States through The Tire Rack.


Kumho introduced its performance rally tires in Engl& in 1998. The initial results were so encouraging that the Kumho ECSTA R700 was chosen for the Mitsubishi EVO 5 team for use in the final event of the 1998 World Rally Championship, the Network Q Rally of Britain. The Kumho tires finished the event without any punctures, sidewall penetration or allowing the tires to be pushed off of the rims. Not bad for a first run in a World Championship Rally event. Post-event tire analysis, combined with an extensive development program has helped Kumho further develop the ECSTA R700 rally tire which has now been used in World Rally, Asia Pacific Rally & British Rally Championship events.

The ECSTA R700 is a purebred rally tire designed to take on the rigorous conditions of performance rally events. On the outside, the ECSTA R700 starts with a deep, open & aggressive independent block tread design developed to maximize dry & wet traction on dirt & gravel roads. The tread design also features sharp shoulder block edges to enhance sideways grip for more responsive handling & cornering traction on loose road surfaces. The upper sidewall has circumferential sidewall protector ribs to help protect the tire from cuts & snags while the lower sidewall features rim protector ribs to help prevent debris from pushing its way between the sidewall & the rim. On the inside, the ECSTA R700 tires feature twin steel belts reinforced by a nylon cap ply & a two-ply rayon carcass built with high ply turnups to provide four actual carcass plies in the sidewall for enhanced durability & cut protection.

Kumho ECSTA R700 tires feature blackwall styling, are Q-speed rated & available in selected 80-, 70-, 65- & 60-series sizes for 13" through 15" wheel diameters.

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