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Kumho's family of ECSTA (x ta) performance tires is designed to enhance every vehicle's capabilities. The ECSTA MX member of the family elevates Kumho right into our Max Performance tire category which is reserved for the technologically advanced tires that combine highly developed materials with state-of-the-art design & advanced manufacturing methods to provide superior performance.

Designed to deliver Kumho's ultimate level of "dry" road performance while maintaining good wet traction, the ECSTA MX molds an advanced silica tread rubber compound into a directional tread pattern that features massive, stable blocks to increase cornering traction & steering response, while four large circumferential & multiple directionally-aligned lateral grooves resist hydroplaning & enhance wet traction. Internally, the two, wide steel belts are reinforced by spirally-wound nylon cap plies to provide excellent strength, uniform ride quality, & Y-speed rated (186 mph) capability while the sidewalls are tuned to resist lateral deflection to provide handling control & feedback.

Kumho ECSTA MX tires feature black letter styling & are available in 50-, 45-, 40 & 35-series; Y-speed rated sizes for 17" to 20" wheel diameters. Look at ECSTA MX tires if you are looking for dry road Max Performance.


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