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Hoosier R6
Hoosier Racing Tire Sports Car D.O.T. R6 Radials are Track & Competition DOT tires developed for drivers who compete in road racing where responsiveness and high levels of grip in dry conditions is desirable. The R6 Radials are designed to provide performance advantages over previous R3S05 tires by rewarding drivers with faster, consistent lap times and extended wear due to the improved traction and handling.

While the R6 Radials use the same successful tread compound as the R3S05 tires, it is molded onto a more rounded tread profile that extends the life of the shoulders and produces more consistent tread wear across the entire contact patch. The R6 radials feature a revised symmetric internal construction (shared with Sports Car D.O.T. A6 Radials) that uses nylon cord radial carcass plies reinforced by two lightweight steel belts and a spirally wrapped circumferential nylon cap ply under the tread. The tires feature a "rim recess" design on all sizes.

Hoosier Racing Tire's extensive testing has shown the R6 Radials produce crisper steering response and improved transitional performance. Their new internal construction provides increased overall grip and greater stability at the tire's higher limits of adhesion, allowing the driver to apply more power with confidence. The new R6 Radial has also shown better overall wear due to the improved tread profile and the increase in overall grip. Additionally, their symmetric tread design allows them to be mounted on either side of the car (and later be remounted inside out to further extend their life).

Hoosier Racing Tire's testing has also shown performance will be improved by using lower operating pressures compared to R3S05 tires. Hoosier advises competitors lower air pressures in small increments to find optimum air pressure for their specific vehicle.

Beginning with a tread depth of 4.5/32", they will not require shaving for competition, however they will benefit from heat cycling before competition to enhance wear and provide more consistent performance.

NOTE: While the R6 Radials have an inflated shape with relatively round shoulders to complement camber-challenged cars, they still benefit from vehicle alignments that offer significant negative camber.

Hoosier Racing Tire Sports Car D.O.T. R6 Radials are scheduled to become available shortly after the March 27, 2006 release of the Sports Car D.O.T. A6 Radials used in autocross competition. Estimated arrival dates by size will be provided when they become available.

WARNING: DOT labeled Hoosier Racing Tires meet Department of Transportation requirements for marking and performance only and are NOT INTENDED FOR HIGHWAY USE. It is unsafe to operate any Hoosier Racing Tire including DOT tires on public roads. The prohibited use of Hoosier Racing Tires on public roadways may result in loss of traction, unexpected loss of vehicle control, or sudden loss of tire pressure, resulting in a vehicle crash and possibly injury or death.


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