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Hoosier R3S03


The Hoosier R3S03 & A3S03 radials are Hoosier's latest generation of DOT legal competition tires. The R3S03 (Racing) tire features a tread compound suitable for track & road racing applications, while the A3S03 (Autocross) tire features a tread compound tuned for autocross competition. The Hoosier R3S03 & A3S03 are the lightest of the DOT legal competition tires.

All Hoosier Sports Car DOT radials have passed DOT requirements but have a special tread compound to facilitate racing. Due to this special compound, these tires are not suitable for highway use as the expected miles of wear of these tires is greatly reduced.

The R3S03 & A3S03 tires feature an asymmetric tread design (which looks directional, but isn't) & can be used on either side of the car. They are molded with a tread depth of just 4/32" so they will not require shaving for competition, however they will benefit from heat cycling before competition to enhance wear & provide more consistent performance.

The R3S03 & A3S03 have a symmetric internal construction that features nylon cord radial carcass plies reinforced by two fiberglass belts & a circumferential nylon cap ply under the tread. While the R3S03 & A3S03 have an inflated shape with rounded shoulders to better compliment camber challenged cars, they still benefit from vehicle alignments that offer significant negative camber. Be sure to read Hoosier Tire Care Tips for advice on the use of these tires.

Hoosier R3S03 & A3S03 tires feature black sidewall styling with subtle black letters. They are Z-speed rated & available in 60-, 55-, 50-, 45-, 40, 35- & 30-series sizes for 13" to 18" wheel diameters.

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