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Goodyear Wrangler MT/R

The Goodyear Wrangler MT/R (Maximum Traction/Reinforced) was developed to meet some of the most punishing conditions found in America. From the rock beds of Moab, Utah to the mud pits at Goodyear’s San Angelo Proving Grounds, the Wrangler MT/R has earned the right to be called Goodyear’s toughest Wrangler Off-Road Maximum Traction radial. However, conquering mud is only one weapon in the arsenal of this tire, withstanding daily driving abuse is another.

On the outside, the Wrangler MT/R uses an aggressive tread design made up of independent lugs which even reach far over the tire’s sidewall, giving this tire a rugged look & added traction when you need it the most. Inside, advanced silica compounds combine with Goodyear’s patented Durawall construction (the three body plies of high modulus polyester cord used for the tire’s carcass) provides cut, tear & puncture resistance that can take you where you want to go with freedom from worry. Finally, the Wrangler MT/R features a wider footprint, an advanced tread design & new mold shape technologies to provide a much longer life than the previous MT.

Wrangler MT/R tires feature outline raised white letters & are available in popular LT-metric & flotation sizes for 15" & 16" wheel diameters.


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