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Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice

What type of winter performance would you expect from tires designed for use in North America, manufactured in Canada and introduced in the Swiss Alps. If your answer is enhanced snow and ice traction, you'd be right and you'd be describing Goodyear's Ultra Grip Ice winter tires which are designed to provide traction during winter's most severe, icy conditions.

The Ultra Grip Ice features deep, heavily siped independent tread blocks formed into a directional tread design to help dig into snow and bite on ice while sweeping away water and slush to enhance wet traction and resist hydroplaning at above freezing temperatures. The Ultra Grip Ice uses multiple tread block sizes which are strategically aligned around the tire to minimize noise and enhance ride comfort. It features Goodyear's patented Ice Over Winter (IOW) tread compound which layers an ice traction tread compound (enhanced with silica and specialized polymers) layered above a more traditional winter tread compound. As the Ultra Grip Ice wears and the ice traction compound wears away, it reveals the winter tread compound for the remainder of the tire's life. Snow platform indicators (additional wear bars which are higher than the wear bars used to indicate the tire is worn out) connect the tire's shoulder and intermediate blocks identify when this compound transition takes place.

Ultra Grip Ice winter radials meet the industry's severe snow service requirements and are branded with the snowflake-on-the-mountain symbol.

Use Ultra Grip Ice tires on all wheels. The use of snow tires dramatically affects your car's handling. Goodyear strongly recommends the use of snow tires at all four wheel positions, especially in high-performance applications. Because of this, and our experience with similar tires, The Tire Rack will only sell Ultra Grip Ice tires in sets of four.


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