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Goodyear Fortera HL Edition

The Goodyear Fortera HL Edition is a premium Highway All-Season light truck tire that was developed to provide refined ruggedness for luxury sport utility vehicles. The Fortera HL is designed to provide a quiet, even ride along with overall responsiveness.

The Fortera HL features a long-wearing tread compound molded into a tread design that enhances traction & ride comfort while reducing noise levels. Staggered circumferential grooves & curvilinear sipes & grooves are integrated into the tread design to provide the biting edges that enhance year round traction, even in light snow. The tire’s shoulder design & sidewall appearance offer rugged good looks to complement the vehicle’s image. Internally, the Fortera HL uses a computer-optimized tire shape to reduce footprint sensitivity to load to provide an excellent balance of performance properties for lightly loaded to fully loaded sport utility vehicles (when properly inflated & within the vehicle’s approved load limits). Its twin steel belts & two-ply polyester cord body help provide predictable handling while enhancing ride comfort.

Depending on their size, Goodyear Fortera HL Edition tires feature outline white letter or blackwall styling & are available in S-speed rated, standard load P-metric 75- & 70-series sizes for 15" through 17" wheel diameters (except the 255/65R16 109H size which is H-speed rated).


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