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Goodyear Eagle F1 All Season

The Eagle F1 All Season featuring Carbon Fiber Technology is Goodyear's Ultra High Performance All Season tire designed to give sports car, sporty coupe and performance sedan drivers piece of mind in virtually any weather condition. It was developed to combine crisp responsiveness and confident handling with year-round traction, including in light snow.

Eagle F1 All Season radials have a directional tread design featuring performance zones that include a continuous center rib with large inboard and outboard shoulder blocks for dry road traction and steering precision, along with dual intermediate all-season zones featuring carved Aquachutes to direct rain, slush and snow away from between the tread and the road to resist hydroplaning and enhance traction. TredLock Technology interlocking micro grooves allow the biting edges needed for acceleration and braking in foul weather to lock together laterally to enhance handling and provide confident maneuvering during dry road cornering. The tire's internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wound DuPont Kevlar on top of a slightly angled, 2-ply polyester cord body featuring carbon fiber reinforced inboard and outboard sidewalls to help keep the shoulders firmly planted on the road for crisp responsiveness and maneuverability.

Eagle F1 All Season radials feature Goodyear’s PermaBlack compound additive that maintains new-tire appearance throughout the life of the tire. Eagle F1 All Season radials feature subtle, smooth letters reversed out of a stylized serrated sidewall band and a protective "rim recess" on their lower sidewalls to help protect the wheels from curb damage.


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