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General Exclaim UHP
The General Tire Exclaim UHP is an Ultra High Performance Summer tire that was developed for the drivers of sports cars, coupes & sedans. While branded with the "M+S" symbol, the Exclaim UHP was designed to emphasize traction, handling & control in dry & wet road conditions. The Exclaim UHP is only intended to be driven in occasional, very light snow.

The Exclaim UHP uses a 2nd generation, ultra high performance silica compound molded into a directional tread design that features wide, solid shoulder tread blocks & ahigh-tech contour to combine responsive handling with dry traction. Its Double-V directional tread pattern enhances wet performance. Together, the tread compound & design help sweep water away from between the tire's contact patch & the road to improve wet grip (earning the highest "AA" UTQG Traction Rating) whilereducing the possibility of hydroplaning.

Internally, the Exclaim UHP's casing & twin steel belts deliver responsive handling & cornering stability.The steel belts are reinforced with spiral-wound jointless nylon to provide cornering stability & high-speed durability.

Exclaim UHP tires feature subtle black letters reversed out of a serrated b& & include a protective "rim recess" on their lower sidewalls to help protect the wheels from curb damage.



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