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Fuzion ZRi

The Fuzion br& has been introduced to meet the needs of sport compact car, sports car & sport truck driving enthusiasts & tuners. The first product to carry the Fuzion name is the Fuzion ZRi, an Ultra High Performance Summer tire that combines advanced UNI-T technology with affordable pricing.
UNI-T technologies focus on three primary tire components, the beads, casing & tread, which influence overall performance while enhancing comfort, handling & traction. The Fuzion ZRi molds a Long Link Carbon (an advanced form of carbon black) & a silica-reinforced tread compound into an aggressive, directional tread design to enhance dry traction that also evacuates water from between the tireís contact patch & the road to improve wet grip & reduce the possibility of hydroplaning. Internally, the Fuzion ZRi ís casing & twin steel belts deliver responsive handling & cornering stability. The steel belts are reinforced with spirally wound nylon to provide high-speed durability while minimizing weight & maximizing ride qualities. The Fuzion ZRi features Rim Guard rubber ridges on its lower sidewalls to function as bumpers to help protect wheels from curb damage.
Fuzion ZRi tires feature subtle black letter styling & will be available in 60-, 55-, 50-, 45-, 40-, 35-, & 30-series H-, V- or W-speed rated sizes for 16" to 20" wheel diameters.


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